Insights: 2019 – A Year in Review

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2019 has been an interesting year from the perspective of a security company. A lot has happened that made me stop and reflect not just on our own business, but on the state of affairs of the world. So, before we turn our sights into 2020, I wanted to look back on this year and the challenges it brought us.

As Asqella is based in Finland, I eagerly wait for the resolution on Brexit. The United Kingdom and the European Union have been back and forth on the topic for quite some time, and it would be advantageous for everyone to close the matter sooner rather than later. However, a no-deal Brexit could be detrimental to the both the Union members as well as the UK. Preventing terror attacks and working together to improve the security of the entire continent should be crucial considerations when working out the details of the separation. A few days from now, the UK will hold a parliamentary election, and hopefully soon we will find out what the future holds for all of us.

Another constant this year were horrific terror attacks all over the world. While this is nothing new, watching New Zealand reel from the Christchurch attacks or the grief in Kismayo, Somalia has been difficult for all of us, I’m sure. In the United States, the familiarity of mass shootings is becoming too much to bear, at least for an outsider. It seems that we are still unprepared to manage and prevent attacks that hurt us when we are at our most vulnerable. All this great technology we currently have cannot help to save us if it is not actively deployed and utilized.

Other security related news were also on my mind this year. Wild fires raged in all parts of the world, as we struggle to deal with the effects of climate change and the dangers it poses to all of us, regardless of where we live. It seems unlikely that we will find a solution soon (probably not in 2020), but we must keep working to find common ground in how we can make changes to the lifestyles we currently have.

These events, just like countless others, have captivated us this year. We at Asqella look forward to 2020 and continue to work for a safer future for all of us. We hope you will join us on our journey.