Analysis: Post-Covid urban society requires smooth security systems to ensure everyday safety

In the post-pandemic era, the traffic flows will continue to increase, cities will grow in population and big events will gather human masses regularly. But nothing is like before when it comes to health and safety requirements. Wherever people gather, the risk for infectious diseases will remain.

Finnish Asqella offers a solution for making the environment with human flows more secure in a way that minimizes waiting lines, that is able to screen people for contraband efficiently and is non-intrusive.

Covid-19 has raised the urgency for assessing health related risks and created demand for high speed, highly accurate, and nonintrusive capability that can indicate individuals with exhibiting symptoms of infection.

Asqella is leveraging its technology to Covid-19 related area with full body thermography (health conditions based on temperature differences in the body). Unlike existing solutions that provide a point estimate of the body temperature, Asqella’s solution enables a whole-body temperature profile, which will be far more accurate as diagnostic than conventional solutions.

The company is currently piloting thermal measurements with a major Finnish hospital and this new fever detection capability is expected to be in production during Q1 2022.

  • Terahertz (THz) imaging is potentially a superior technology for providing such solutions as it allows you to ”see” through clothes and measure temperature profiles of a whole human body, unlike e.g. infrared cameras which cannot measure temperature through clothing, states Arttu Luukanen, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Asqella.

Asqella is a world leader in dynamic screening for security and the company’s products are in use on several markets. The Company’s main product ARGON is already being used for security solutions in multiple industries such as travel, border control, inside arenas and smart buildings.

Asqella is one of the very few companies able to provide security screening tech that is passive, without irradiation, high throughput, suitable for concealed and non-intrusive detection, and satisfies the need for “socially distanced security” required in post-COVID traveling.