Profit the accuracy and effienciency in People and Assets Protection with ARGON 

ARGON has industry’s highest flow and accuracy in walk by screening. It provides superior efficiency to loss prevention and human protection. It can be placed practically anywhere.

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Loss Prevention and Assets safety

ARGON is an excellent loss prevention solution for businesses

ARGON is an excellent loss prevention solution for businesses. Screening process is quick and convenient. It shows virtually all materials that differ from the human body. Objects as small as 2.5 x 2.5 cm can be detected in favourable conditions.

There is no health hazard to employees or operators, nor does it show anatomical details. It is completely passive: It receives natural emission from the human body.

Seamless, fast and convenient loss prevention screening improves employee satisfaction, reduces losses and minimises the probability of pandemic contagion at workplaces.

People Safety in Mass Transit Hubs

One of ARGON's applications is mass transit hubs

ARGON is the perfect solution for metro, bus and train stations. Real time screening of passengers as they walk by. Ability to screen large numbers of people without slowing down the flow of traffic is essential. Passengers do not need to stop to remove items from their pockets. No need to queue for check points.

In the landside terminals at airports ARGON screens the crowds gathering at the check-in areas or even at the baggage claim. It can be hidden from view, or customized to fit into the interior of the station to enable covert screening. As it does not emit anything, ARGON is perfectly safe for all day use.

Customs and Border Control

Argon Customs control equipment
Argon Customs control equipment

Asqella provides most advanced equipment to support customs authorities. ARGON is an easy to use, world leading tool for safety and security at border crossing check points. ARGON technology is accurate and efficient.

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Event Venues

One of ARGON's applications is event venue security

ARGON’s advanced technology allows the operator to see items as small as 2.5 x 2.5 cm made of virtually any material. At venues like concert hall, conference centers, and sports stadiums, people carrying any type of contraband will be caught quickly, thanks to live video stream on the graphical user interface.

Visual and terahertz streams of ARGON enables the security to act swiftly in a case of an anomaly to alert other security personnel. Due to the wide field of view only one unit can screen people from the front and the back. It prevents queues from forming.

Tourist Attractions

One of ARGON's applications is tourist attractions, like amusement parks

It is the ideal security screening solution for venues where large masses of people gather together. In closed off areas, such as museums or theme parks ARGON screens people entering the venue as they walk by, without creating unnecessary lines.

ARGON has a wide field of view (at focus point of 5 meters, the diameter is 2 meters wide) allowing four people being screened side by side at once. It can function continuously.

Hotels and Casinos

One of ARGON's applications is hotel and casino security

In hotels and casinos, people are constantly going in and out. They do not want to queue for security. However, they want to feel safe and taken care of. ARGON adds a needed layer of security by screening all entrants as they walk in. No need to act in any different manner than before. No need to remove items from pockets. It is discreet and does not affect the ambiance of the space it is deployed in, as its appearance can be modified to fit the room.

Government Buildings

One of ARGON's applications is government buildings' security

ARGON is a great solution for government buildings. It screens foreign dignitaries with maximum discretion and can be hidden from view to prevent uncomfortable moments for hosts and VIPs alike.

Corporate Offices

One of ARGON's applications is corporate office security

ARGON‘s high throughput benefits corporate office security. It is safe for employees to walk by it all day. It can be fitted into the room it is deployed in and the operator can work in a separate room than the camera itself. It makes daily security measures quick and convenient, while making sure everyone in the building is safe.

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