ARGON is a passive terahertz camera solution for people screening. The ARGON solution detects contraband on moving subjects with real-time video feed, large field of view, and advanced Artificial Intelligence Detection engine. The solution is ideal to be utilized in urban crowded places for people protection, as well as for businesses loss prevention.

ARGON’s superior sensitivity and advanced sensor technology creates an image of the screened persons with hidden items they are carrying, under their clothing. The system’s visual camera aides in identifying each person.

Digitalizing security with ARGON provides significant cost savings. ARGON can screen up to 1800 people per hour for concealed items, with reduced need of security personnel. ARGON solves the problem of conventional physical security.

Image from ARGON's terahertz feed; © Asqella


How does it work?

As people walk into ARGON’s field of view, they are screened in real time, without the need to stop. Allowing people to walk by ARGON at a normal pace, enables remarkable efficiency at security checkpoints. The solution helps  avoiding queues – which are of considerable concern with respect to the spread of pandemics.

The device can screen for metals, plastics, liquids, drugs and currency. ARGON is intended to detect large items, such as guns or bottles. In conditions allowing, it can be optimized to detect objects as small as 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

The device can be fitted into the interior unnoticeably. It can be hidden from sight as a completely covert operation. Thus, it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention or clash with the interior design.

Ubiquitous security can be achieved with ARGON. Make it part of building automation with Artificial intelligence – profit the efficiency of digitalization.

ARGON is safe for daily use. The technology is completely safe for people, it does not emit any photons. ARGON’s technology is 100% radiation free.

Privacy is guaranteed. The thermal screening is discreet, it reveals no anatomical details on people screened. Also, there is no straight body contact with security personnel.

Post-COVID secure. Socially distanced security helps to decrease the probability of contagion at checkpoints by minimizing inter-person contacts thanks to fast throughput.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Automated Anomaly Detection

ARGON is equipped with state of the art Artificial Intelligence engine for automated anomaly detection. A well trained AI can outperform any human operator, and save a lot of manpower, reducing operational costs.

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ARGON in a nutshell

  • ARGON is the world’s leading dynamic security screening solution.
  • Superior in passive submillimeter-wave camera technology
  • High throughput walk-by screening capability
  • Multiple people screened simultaneously
  • Concealed contraband exposed accurately
  • Real-time video imaging
  • No sensitive and anatomical details revealed
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Safe for daily use. The technology emits no photons and thus is completely without health or privacy issues
  • Non-intrusive. The solution is inherently discreet.
  • The solution can provide ubiquitous security screening. The device can be shield and hidden in architecture if desirable.
  • On-board AI (artificial intelligence) with documented hardware&software interfaces, the ARGON solution can be made part of smart building automation systems.
  • Ideal for all urban crowded places, solving the problem of conventional security check-points getting congested e.g. at mass transit stations, or any building interiors, entrances and exits.

Customisable Appearance

ARGON can be hidden…

… and decorated with customisable skins or used as a platform for commercials!


Terahertz region

The submillimetre-wave, or terahertz, region of the electromagnetic spectrum is still largely unexplored territory. ARGON is one of the few devices on the market that detects terahertz radiation from the human body, even through most clothing items. ARGON also operates on multiple wavelengths, which allows for reliable detection of concealed objects in different operating conditions. Because ARGON only catches the naturally emitted terahertz waves, it sends out no radiation and is perfectly safe for all people walking by it.


The front end of ARGON contains cutting-edge nanotechnology sensors, but operates like a conventional camera: it has a lens, which captures the submillimetre-wave energy and directs it to a sensor array. An image is formed at several submillimetre-wave wavelengths simultaneously, and these images are displayed on the ARGON graphical user interface. ARGON also houses a high-definition TV camera, and displays the video stream next to the terahertz feed on the interface. ARGON can capture near real-time video at about 8 fps, enabling detection on moving subjects.


Currently, ARGON requires a trained operator to oversee the graphical user interface. The interface can be operated remotely; ARGON is equipped with Ethernet connectivity. The interface is easy to use with options for adjusting the image quality on the terahertz feed; the operator can also record and store the feed when needed.

ARGONs in a row


New features – An accurate mass fever detecting solution

Fever, the most common symptom of viral infections, causes changes in the temperature distribution of the body. These changes can be sensed with the ARGON accurately. Moreover, as the temperature is measured through clothing, the influence of ambient conditions is suppressed. Thanks to this unique combination, the sensitivity and specificity of the method is vastly superior to any conventional infrared thermographic method.

Risk of contagion of the screening personnel is minimal thanks to the remote screening capability, unlike close-range or contact thermographic methods such as tympanic thermometry.

In Urban crowded places quick throughput of people is essential in order to prevent queue formation, as queues themselves can act as mass-spreading locations for viruses. Asqella’s full-body fever detection method allows the operator to screen a large number of people accurately, efficiently and safely.

Asqella’s objective is to combine the novel fever detection method to its flagship product ARGON, which already is the market’s most effective contraband detection screening system. The innovation can provide significant added value to many market segments.

ARGON can sense changes in the temperature distribution of the body through clothing.

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