ARGON, a passive terahertz camera solution for people screening, detects concealed contraband on moving subjects, thanks to its real-time video feed and large field of view. The device can be utilized for several applications, such as event and VIP security, as well as loss prevention.

ARGON’s incredible sensitivity and advanced technology creates an image of the screened subject and items they are carrying, and the system’s visual camera aides in identifying each person.

Image from ARGON's terahertz feed; © Asqella

As people walk into ARGON’s field of view, they are screened in real time and without the need to stop, enabling a security checkpoint where people can walk by ARGON at a normal pace. The device can screen for metals, plastics, liquids, drugs and currency. ARGON is intended to detect large items, but it can detect objects as small as 2.5 x 2.5 cm in favourable conditions. As ARGON can be fitted into the interior of the facility to be screened, it is barely noticeable and doesn’t draw unnecessary attention or clash with the design. It can also be hidden from sight as a completely covert operation. ARGON reveals no anatomical details and emits no radiation – allowing discreet screening without creating displeased customers or visitors.

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