Asqella Featured on Tekniikka & Talous 21.4.2021

Asqella CEO Arttu Luukanen was interviewed in  an article by Tekniikka & Talous (in Finnish), a pre-eminent newspaper and website focusing on innovations. The article focused on the post pandemic safety procedures in mass events, for example football matches, big concerts and in travel industry, especially in passenger ferry terminals.

The security screening market is growing rapidly, once the corona restrictions are history, and the market in Europe alone is estimated to be worth several billion €. Asqella is in the middle of crowdfunding round and wishes to get investments for sales and marketing development.

In the interview it was noted that Asqella has developed a full-body security screening solution that allows the operator to screen a large number of people efficiently and safely. A novel fever detection innovation to the flagship product ARGON, is being tested showing promising initial results.

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