Asqella funded to develop a feature for fast, reliable febrile patient detection capability for ARGON

Business Finland, the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion, has granted Asqella with funding to develop solutions around submillimetre-wave thermography for sensitive and specific detection of people with fever. As the COVID-19 pandemic advances throughout the world, detecting new possible cases of the virus more efficiently is crucial.

About 82% of COVID-19 infected persons exhibit symptoms, of which fever is by far the most common (~98% of cases with symptoms). Asqella’s novel method is expected to outperform all existing screening methods that rely mostly on infrared thermography, a method whose inaccuracy and slow speed is widely known.

Due to the exponential growth in infections, early intervention and isolation of persons with symptoms has a huge impact on the overall infection, hospitalisation, and ultimately, death rate. This new capability is expected to have major benefits to customers operating in mass transit hubs, border crossings and other urban crowded places.

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