Asqella Oy Attends Major Security Expos

Asqella Oy, a Finnish company focusing on the protection of soft urban targets against terrorism, attended ASIS 2017 Exhibition in Dallas, TX, in September with great success. “ASIS is the most comprehensive educational and networking exhibition in the security industry, and offered us the opportunity to meet and engage with potential clients and other members of the industry around the world”, explains Petri Ikonen who is the Sales Director of the company. Asqella’s ARGON, a passive submillimetre-wave camera, raised attention and created several business leads for Asqella. ARGON detects explosives, weapons and other threats quickly, and can screen thousands of persons per hour, a throughput that is inaccessible for traditional methods such as walk-through metal detectors and body scanner portals. “In the light of recent events with mass shootings, security professionals are in urgent need to rethink their approach to security screening in soft urban targets. We think we have the solution to answer that call”, Mr Ikonen continues.

In addition to ASIS, Asqella will attend UK Security Expo in London, United Kingdom, on the 29th and 30th of November 2017. The UK Security Expo is a large-scale, high-end security event, which receives over 10,000 international visitors. Asqella has high expectations for the event and hopes to target in particular European and Middle Eastern markets during and after the exhibition. Asqella will exhibit ARGON and showcase the various applications ARGON has for protecting venues such as stadiums, concert halls, public transportation areas, hotels and casinos, and for governmental security purposes.

Asqella has also recently closed 2.5 M€ equity investment, in anticipation of strong growth in the near future. The effectiveness of ARGON has been confirmed in governmental end-user evaluation trials recently. “The trend of urbanization will continue for the foreseeable future, and our ARGON technology offers a discreet and reliable solution to security issues that come with larger cities’ logistical challenges, that include the mass security screening in urban crowded places”, explains Arttu Luukanen, the Managing Director of Asqella.

Asqella Oy, based in Helsinki, Finland, sells passive submillimeter-wave video cameras for loss prevention and physical security applications.

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