Asqella’s technology to be evaluated by the Dutch authorities

Driven by the growth of urban knife and weapon crime, and the need for safe distance screening in the post-COVID World, Asqella has been invited by the Dutch authorities for field trials in the Netherlands this fall. The evaluation, coordinated by TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, and carried out in cooperation with the Dutch Police and the Dutch Ministry of Defense, will evaluate the performance of Asqella’s ARGON walk-by security screening technology especially in the context of event security.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase how our technology can help the authorities in preventing crime, while providing a seamless, touchless security screening experience”, exclaims Arttu Luukanen, the managing director of Asqella.

“We are also proud to have been selected for the trial, which we consider itself an achievement”, Luukanen continues.

The evaluation trial will take place in the fall of this year, and will run for about one week. Asqella will be supporting the local authorities in the trial, while gaining valuable understanding on the end-user needs.

(Picture by Ethan Wilkinson )