The master’s thesis worker will study the possibility to use millimeter-wave technology for subsurface characterization of tissues

Asqella is a company developing and commercializing the first millimeter- and submillimeter-wave applications to public use. One of the foreseen field of interest is in medical imaging of tissues. Earlier, millimeter-/submillimeter-wave technology has been suggested for characterization of layered surface tissues, such as the skin or cornea. Both theoretical and experimental work has proven the technology as a promising candidate as a diagnostic tool for a few physiological conditions, such as skin burn analysis and cornea diagnostics.

The greatest advantage of the technology is that it is inherently non-invasive. It allows diagnostics without, e.g., medical operation that could either interfere the subject’s physical condition or alter the parameter that is being measured.

The master’s thesis worker’s responsibility will be to carry out a literature review of the existing work in the field, create a full-wave model of the layered tissues, and verify the model with experimental work at millimeter or submillimeter waves.

Both the experts from Asqella and researchers from Aalto University Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering will be involved in supervising and supporting the demanding work. The thesis covers electromagnetics, signal processing as well as it has strong connection to the end users in the medical community.

The main objective of the thesis is to experimentally prove new concepts of characterising layered tissues at millimeter-/submillimeter-waves.

We expect the master’s thesis worker to have

Master-level studies with strong emphasis on electromagnetics, preferably millimeter-wave technology: Radio Engineering as major or minor subject is required

Excellent language skills either in Finnish or English

At least basic skills in electromagnetic simulation methods

Experience in independent laboratory work

Good skills in MATLAB

We offer to the master’s thesis worker

Exciting opportunity to work in research and development oriented company with strong connection to academia

Possibility to continue as R&D engineer at Asqella after the thesis

Competitive salary


For additional information, contact

Research Scientist Aleksi Tamminen

+358 10 524 1893