Our story

The value of submillimetre-wave imaging for stand-off security screening of people has been long understood. However, until now the lack of suitable technology has prevented its deployment.

For over a decade, the Asqella team has been pursuing the goal of developing a truly effective security screening solution, one that has the capability to screen subjects at a distance. The initial feasibility trials of passive submillimetre-wave imaging produced impressive imagery although in the early stages a single frame took up to 30 minutes to scan!

Nevertheless, the experiment proved the principle and drove forward the development of video-rate imagers under the auspices of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The innovation behind Asqella’s solutions centres around the use of exceedingly sensitive bolometric detectors: not only do these devices obtain superior performance compared to other sensing technologies, they also allow the system to operate at wavelengths previously unreachable with mm-wave cameras.

These technical details are essential ingredients when it comes to providing the end-user with a screening solution of maximum efficiency.

Another key to Asqella’s success is our passionate team which has collectively spent decades on applied R&D in the field. It is such passion that drives the development of submillimetre-wave range sensing solutions to the state-of-the-art and beyond.
Combining their technical expertise in physics, electromagnetics, optics, electronics, industrial design and signal processing with an in-depth understanding of the application requirements as well as client needs has culminated in a truly revolutionary stand-off screening solution for the benefit of our customers.