ARGON digital screening solution pays quickly back with 80 % lower security staff costs and 20x faster people throughput.
ARGON digital screening solution pays quickly back with 80 % lower security staff costs and 20x faster people throughput.

See the pictures from an airport.

Conventional security checkpoint model:

  • Security staff needed at checkpoint: 6 persons
  • People have to divest items they are carrying on them

Digitalized security checkpoint model with ARGON :

  • Security staff needed at checkpoint: 0 
  • ARGON works remotely and without the need for divesting
Conventional security checking is expensive and slow.
Conventional security checking is expensive and slow.

People screening with AI is efficient

ARGON has automated anomaly detection. It is a piece of software made with Artificial Intelligence . A well trained AI can outperform any human operator, save a lot of manpower and operational costs.

Safe distance screening reveals contraband under clothing

ARGON’s thermal technology-based screening is discreet. It reveals no anatomical details. Also, personnel can keep their distance. Socially distanced security helps to avoid contagion at checkpoints. Industry’s fastest flow of passengers minimizes contacts further. Look at ARGON‘s capacity in fever detection.

The device can screen for metals, plastics, liquids, drugs and currency. ARGON is intended to detect large items, such as guns or bottles. In good conditions it can be optimized to detect objects as small as 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm hidden in clothing. ARGON screens accurately four persons side by side at 5 meters distance.

Return of Investment with ARGON

Digitalizing security with ARGON ensures remarkable cost savings. It can screen up to 1800 people per hour for concealed items, with reduced need of security personnel. ARGON solves the problem of conventional physical security.

Dramatic ROI for high throughput screening due to reduced OPEX - paypack in months.
Return of Investment with ARGON.

We are glad to provide you a comprehensive comparison of ARGON against other people screening solutions. You are welcomed with any cost and applicability questions.

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