Insights: Distribution Center Security

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Online shopping is nothing new. However, we have come to expect rapid delivery and constant communication about our order and when it will arrive. Our impatience has created a need for distribution centers, which can ship ordered items quickly and are located across countries and continents to be close to customers. These centers require a lot of employees to function effectively, and of course, this is where security gets involved.

Loss Prevention Magazine writes about the two main risks facing distribution centers: theft and violence. In addition, violence or unhappy workers can lead to bad press, which is a nightmare for any business. Security might seem like a small part of the whole operation, but it’s still very important. If getting into and out of a facility can be handled quickly without much inconvenience, employees’ time isn’t wasted and they might feel a bit more appreciated.

Security is important for distribution centers for a few reasons; firstly, most items available for employees are completed products. This means that stealing items for personal use or for selling is more attractive as virtually anyone can find a customer for the stolen merchandise. Also, most employees have access to all items, meaning there are options for thieves. Recently, employees at an Amazon fulfilment center stole Apple Watches worth over $100,000.

Second, many items sold online are not metallic. This means that traditional metal detectors cannot spot these items as they pass by in the pockets of an employee, which is problematic. Doing an inspection by a guard on all employees is time-consuming, and unlikely to gain a lot of support from employees. On the other hand, if you only check people randomly, some might get away with merchandise.

Finally, people who shouldn’t get into a facility can create a security risk for everyone inside. Domestic spats can reach the workplace, especially if both parties are employed by the same company. Of course, many places currently employ access control measures for intruders, but it is also important to identify any potential weapons an employee might be bringing into a facility.

Asqella’s ARGON is ideal solution for loss prevention at distribution centers. It can detect metallic and non-metallic items, ranging from weapons to liquids and plastics. ARGON also requires no stopping so people are not held back when someone is screened. ARGON’s high quality image allows the operators to see where the hidden items are located, making the search then easier and less intrusive.