Security in public places

Asqella’s technology allows clients to security screen large numbers of people quickly, safely, and effectively.

The design of Asqella’s camera technology lowers the barriers to deployment in high profile public places and industrial sites. Exemplary deployment locations include:

  • Border crossings
  • Venues & events
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Secure sites
  • Mass transit hubs
Corporate security

Asqella covers a number of essential corporate security requirements, such as preventing the removal of business-critical hardware or software, or preventing the introduction of prohibited items (cameras, recording devices, etc.) Asqella’s screening products are applicable in a variety of corporate security environments such as:

  • Secure sites
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Data centers & cloud computing facilities
Loss prevention

The goods flow of large retail companies often involves massive storage and logistics locations which necessitates effective counter measures against inventory shrinkage. Asqella’s camera technology provides a robust, yet speedy, safe and discreet solution to counter inventory shrinkage in:

  • Fulfilment centres
  • Logistics facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Pharmacological manufacturing and storage sites
  • DVD & Blue Ray disk manufacturing and storage sites