Insights: Improving Venue Security

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People all around the world love sports. The most popular sport varies in each country, but in general huge crowds gather at sporting venues everywhere. In addition, these venues don’t just cater to sports fans, but also host concerts, esports events, and theatrical productions. Security at these places is critical, and yet there are still incidents which create uncertainty and demonstrate the need for more protection.

Of course, many steps to improve the safety of everyone have already been taken. In the US, see-through plastic bags and small purses are the only bags that are allowed in many venues, regardless of the time of day or the event. Many venues across the world have also incorporated people screening, video monitoring and bag checks at the entrances to their facilities, but that’s not enough.

Some large venues such as Gillette Stadium, Camden Yards and Allianz Arena have acquired new methods for screening people who enter the facility. These pieces of equipment have their merits, and many people might feel safer because of them. While purchasing all new equipment to screen thousands of visitors is a big investment, it is worthwhile to me based on the people that might be saved, should a person with a weapon be apprehended in time.

Here at Asqella we also acknowledge the issues that impact modern societies across the globe. We have created ARGON, a method of screening people at crowded places quickly and efficiently, without any health risks or privacy concerns. ARGON’s wide field of view allows multiple people to be screened simultaneously, and real-time video feeds enables the screened subjects to walk by without stopping. ARGON is a great people screening solution for any crowded venue, and we’d be happy to tell you more about it.

– Unidentified