Insights: Megatrends and Their Effects on Security

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This report from PricewaterhouseCoopers discusses the implications that five megatrends will have on security and defense across the world. The change of economic power and growth, population growth combined with aging nations, rapid urbanization, technological change and climate change all contribute to the increasing need for security solutions, to prevent lone-wolf attackers, to combat terrorist organizations or to protect vulnerable cities from rising sea levels.

These megatrends are not new, and will not change in the foreseeable future. These trends influence all of us, and every country in the world should take action to control the effects they will have on the environment and society sooner rather than later.

Why are the megatrends a threat to security all over the world? At first, you might think that the economic growth of less developed nations probably doesn’t influence security, but I encourage you to explore the idea a little more. As mentioned in the PwC report, these newly wealthier nations will also want to invest in defense and other security measures to fight terrorism and espionage. It is no wonder then that with more countries and businesses in the mix, providing security and defense equipment, while keeping conflicts at minimum, is becoming more challenging.

Economic growth is also linked to population growth, both of which have led to urbanization. There is no shortage of workers in most megacities, but there is a shortage of virtually everything else. As more and more people move in to cities, governments everywhere struggle to provide them decent living arrangements, food, water, and security. Combine these with the fact that many countries also suffer from aging populations who probably need even more government support and resources, it is becoming clear that cities can breed animosity and radicalism towards other people and the government itself.

In addition, the rapid technological advancements have made it both easier and harder to find out about potential threats to citizens. Smart phones are easily accessible for most people and through them, so is information and other like-minded people. So while there are now advanced spying equipment available, so is there hundreds of underground networks the authorities have no knowledge of or the inability to control. More security solutions are needed to control and monitor how cities and their citizens change, move and exist with each other, so that we can prevent attacks and no-go zones from developing.

All these other trends also contribute to climate change. There is no denying that we have to change our ways before we ruin the planet for future generations. Until there are comprehensive plans most nations can and will buy into, climate will continue to worry us. Security equipment needed to protect us from extreme weather, toxic waste, and illegal attacks on biodiversity continue to be developed, but the biggest test is how to change our attitudes about the environment, to recognize that without it, we cannot exist.

Here at Asqella, we have embraced the megatrends of urbanization and population growth. We have developed a device, ARGON, that can screen people for concealed weapons discreetly, safely and quickly. The increasing number of mass casualty attacks in public places has inspired us to create a unique product that can provide security for a large range of venues, from government buildings and events to amusement parks and train stations. Our solution can’t solve all of the problems we are facing, but it can contribute to a safer society.