Insights: The Cost of Security

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Physical security is expensive. I doubt there are a lot of people who would disagree with me, especially among those who are in charge of organizing and taking care of security measures. Although the multitude of options for physical security equipment and solutions gives managers a lot of choices, it doesn’t necessarily bring down the costs of the overall security operation.

Of course, a big chunk of security expenses are personnel. You can have all the equipment in the world to protect you, but if there is a) no one to operate or oversee them and b) no one to take action after a threat is detected, the equipment doesn’t do you much good. Obviously, the salaries of guards, operators and supervisors eat up a large piece of the security budget, and that can limit your options for other solutions.

So, while you must have personnel, a lot of security operations also require some type of equipment. Whether that’s metal detectors, video cameras, gates, vehicle blockers, or something else entirely, it can be difficult to find the balance between controlling costs and feeling you’ve done enough for security. The key is to find solutions that can lower your overall costs while you improve the security of your venue. Easier said than done, I know.

Something to also consider is the time needed to implement your security strategy. As discussed in this article, the Chabad on Poway had secured the funding they needed for security, but didn’t have time to implement any solutions before the shooting in late April 2019. While you might have the best solution in mind, it can cost too much if you don’t implement it quickly enough.

Asqella’s ARGON is a great option for adding security in a cost-efficient manner. ARGON can screen close to 2,000 people per hour while requiring less operators than metal detectors intended to screen the same amount of people in the same amount of time. ARGON can also detect a larger variety of materials than any metal detector, without being as inconvenient or slow as a pat down or an airport-style portal. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch to learn more!