Insights: Tourism and Security

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One of my favorite things to do when visiting other countries or cities is to go see historic or otherwise meaningful sites. Often it is the government’s responsibility to appoint someone to manage these locations to make sure they endure the masses looking to get a glimpse of history. It is therefore common to have long lines of people, short times to spend actually looking at the site, and strict security measures.

Tourism is important for many countries, and it is wonderful to explore something new. The problems arise when tons of people attempt to visit the same locations at the same time. A great example of this is Barcelona, a city surely on many lists for must-visit destinations. Barcelona is starting to crumble under the millions of tourists that visit the city every year. The residents are growing unhappy with the rising costs of living and changing nature of the landscape to accommodate the masses coming to visit. Many other old European cities also face constant struggles to protect both the citizens and the tourists, and to prevent outbreaks of violence and vandalism. These places strain under the constraints of old structures and the tourists’ desire to see as much as they can in a short period of time.

In addition, governmental buildings such as the European Union buildings, are other interesting sites for visitors and are heavily guarded against intruders. Some security measures make it difficult and time consuming even for the employees to get in, let alone for the visiting crowds to get a glimpse of the insides. Of course, governmental buildings house the people who must decide on virtually all aspects of our lives, and it would be silly to assume that they wouldn’t be well protected. But in any case, going to work to do your day job should not be extremely inconvenient and laborious.

Asqella’s ARGON can be utilized for screening tourists, employees, or casual visitors. Quick movement of people, ability to operate the unit from a distance and ability to detect various materials are all important qualities we believe would make a difference in securing these much-visited venues. Ultimately, we want to keep traveling and seeing history with our own eyes, and it pays off to make sure no one gets to disrupt these sites.

– Unidentified