Insights: VIP Screening

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We now expect all kinds of places to require us to be subjected to screening or security measures. Various buildings, events, monuments, and even transportation rely on screening people or implementing at least some type of security measures to ensure nothing out of the ordinary happens. Whether these measures are effective is another matter that I won’t delve into in this piece, although it might be worth investigating.

So, when these crowds gather and try to get where they are going with minimal inconvenience, many are willing to pay a little extra to make their visit or journey smoother. The best and most obvious example of this of course is the airport and the airlines that offer various cards, points, and miles to the people willing to pay for such services, or who spend already so much money on tickets that you might as well add a few perks to the deal.

If we ignore the airports for the purpose of this text, other places, which are less regulated, also offer VIP services to people willing to buy a more expensive ticket or people who happen to be important all on their own. Should these people be able to skip the security procedures the rest of us have to go through? Of course not. Should this process be made to suit their status among the visitors? Absolutely.

When it comes to VIP screening, Asqella’s ARGON is a great option. It is discreet in appearance and does not emit radiation, which means you can probably cover it so that your guests might not even know it’s there. As for the cover, thin plastic or fabric does not influence the screening abilities of ARGON.

We tested ARGON a while back at a festival here in Finland, and the feedback was great in regards to this application. Many of the screened subjects were unsure when and where the screening took place, and several were thrilled how easy the whole process was. We were not set up at a VIP entrance, but we believe ARGON would have been perfect for that location.

When looking to increase the security level at your facility, ARGON is a great choice. It can detect all types of materials that differ from our skin, and can be operated remotely. The flow of people can be continuous, and the upcoming automatic anomaly detection software assists the operator to find all kinds of hidden contraband.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to know more about ARGON.