Insights: Whose Responsibility Is Our Security?

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Here in Finland, we expect the police to provide security for us. We have a lot of trust in law enforcement, and haven’t faced many terror attacks or other security threats unlike many other European nations. While the police might not be visible at all times, I feel confident in their ability to protect us when needed.

However, private security firms are prevalent here too. Night clubs, event venues, and office buildings (among others) rely on private security to make sure nothing bad happens on their premises. These companies might not have the same competencies as the police, and yet they might be the first ones to respond to a serious incident. Therefore, should private security companies invest in equipment and technologies that might help them prevent potentially dangerous attacks?

Obviously, there are concerns with some technologies when it comes to privacy and personal information spreading. In the US, people trust law enforcement to utilise the facial recognition technology, but wouldn’t trust it in the hands of private companies. However, the police aren’t always present when we need them. When terrorist incidents occur, the only people present might be civilians and a security firm. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to have them try to prevent attacks before they happen?

I personally believe that private security firms should invest in new equipment when they have a chance, as technological improvements in security certainly make me feel safer even when I don’t know the exact details of the equipment. I would hope that private security firms are as committed to public safety as the police are, and strive to make us all feel safe no matter where we live.

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