Managing Director’s Christmas Greeting

Dear valued customer, distributor, collaborator, or stakeholder,

Year 2019 is drawing to a close – and what a year has it been! We’ve been able to meet many milestones, including the delivery of tens of units of ARGON technology to our customers. This can be considered a real watershed moment for us as now we’ve broken through into mass production of units. As with any expensive kit, selling millions worth of products is one challenge, but delivering it is an equally – if not more – daunting task. For meeting this challenge, I extend my deepest gratitude to our incredibly talented and dedicated team, not to mention our customers who have put so much faith into us.

The dynamic security screening market is exhibiting strong growth, partly driven by the megatrend of urbanisation, partly by maturation of the market, as well as the ever-present threat of terrorism in cities throughout the world. Also, there is a perceptible shift in thinking by security operators who have come to appreciate the potential in combining novel deep tech security systems with their service business. Furthermore, the cold reality is that conventional ways of addressing security issues are not feasible, not in practice nor financially.

In early 2020 we are excited to introduce a major new update to our product ARGON: A deep-learning based Automatic Anomaly Detection (AAD) algorithm. The software is now in its early release, and already appears to be performing at a superhuman level. We believe strongly that this new feature will improve the detection statistics while reducing operator load, and allowing for a greater degree of automation in security screening at urban crowded locations. Given the malleability of the deep learning approach, the software will only improve with additional training data, and potentially allow for a level of customisation on detection, based on the customer’s needs.

In 2020 our activities will include some major high-visibility pilots with both private and public sector end-users, end-user evaluations, as well as strong growth in revenue.

Arttu Luukanen
Managing Director, Asqella Oy