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New features – Most accurate mass fever detecting solution

Fever, the most common symptom of viral infections ( e.g. COVID-19 ) causes changes in the temperature distribution of the body. ARGON senses these changes with market leading accuracy.

ARGON measures whole body’s temperature distribution through clothing. The influence of ambient conditions is suppressed. Sensitivity and specificity are good. This means that Asqella’s method is superior to any conventional infrared thermographic method. Look comparison below.

ARGON can sense changes in the temperature distribution of the body through clothing.

Compare Terahertz to Infrared Imaging

Whole Body THz Thermography vs Infrared Fever Detection.

Remote screening means that the risk of contagion is minimal, unlike close-range or contact thermographic methods such as tympanic thermometry.

Close queues are mass-spreading locations for viruses. Quick throughput of people is essential in order to prevent queue formation. Asqella’s full-body fever detection screens a large number of people accurately, efficiently and safely.

Asqella’s objective is to combine the novel fever detection method to its flagship product ARGON, the market’s most effective contraband detection screening system. The innovation provides significant added value to many market segments.

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