Terahertz region

Developing devices in the sub millimetre wave, or terahertz, region of the electromagnetic spectrum requires specific talent. ARGON is one of the respected devices on the market detecting naturally emitted terahertz waves from the human body through clothing. It is the only device in the world operating on multiple wavelengths. This allows reliable detection of concealed objects in different conditions. It sends out no radiation. Thus it is safe for all people walking by.


While ARGON has special sensors it operates like a conventional camera. It has a lens and a mirror. These capture the sub millimetre wave energy and direct it to the sensors. Software composes images at several wavelengths simultaneously and graphical user interface displays them. Unit houses a high definition TV camera. Video is streamed next to the terahertz feed. ARGON captures quality video at about 8 frames per second. It also has the largest view in the market covering two meters at five meters distance. All these make ARGON the world leading solution.

Automated detection with smart AI

ARGON helps operator workload with Automated Anomaly Detection (AAD). This is a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence piece of software. The user interface displays both visual and THz imagery. System indicates detection as red boxes over the anomalies. It is easy to use with options for adjusting the image. The operator can also record and store the feed. ARGON works remotely with network connectivity.

Easy flow of people with ARGON terahertz sub millimeter wave imaging.
Easy flow of people with ARGON.

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